Information Systems – Summer Sporting Footwear Company Case Study

Summer Sporting Footwear (SSF) is a small, independent Footwear manufacturer. They have built up their business selling products via mail order and through local shops. As a company, they intend to expand and believe that the next step is to develop an e-commerce sales portal.
SSF’s products consist of the following:
• Female Trainers
• Female Sandals/Flipflops
• Male Trainers
• Male Sandals
(All products are available in a variety of sizes and colours)
Male Shoes incorporate a print of the SSF logo. Female Trainers are available with or without the same SSF logo print; female Flip flops have the letters ‘SSF’ printed on and do not have the option of a printed logo.

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Within the proposed website, customers will be allowed to browse through the products on offer but will be required to register before they can purchase products – this will be a one off process to capture relevant personal and payment information e.g. name, e-mail, address, credit or debit card details. Once registered, a username and password will be issued, enabling a fast sign-in for the customer in future visits.
To place an order customers will browse the products catalogue, adding item(s) to a virtual shopping-trolley before proceeding to the checkout. At the checkout, the total price and number of items will be displayed and the customer will be requested to confirm the order and the delivery address. Upon confirmation by the customer, payment details are verified.

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Section A
You must answer this question
1. a) Produce a Use Case Diagram to describe the required system at SSF.

b) Produce a Class Diagram to describe the required system at SSF. The diagram should (where relevant) include associations and multiplicity, inheritance, aggregation and composition, but should not include attributes and operations.

Section B
2.  a) As a Business Analyst you have been asked to carry out a full analysis of the proposed system for SSF. Identify three methods available at your disposal to capture and model the requirements of the system.

b) Discuss the skills required by a Business Analyst to fulfil a role in a software development project and detail which stages of the project you would be expected to contribute and in what way.

3. a) Define and explain the following terms using appropriate examples and/or diagrams:
(i) Inheritance
(ii) Encapsulation
(iii) Instance
(iv) Composition
(v) associations

4. a) As a representative for the company responsible for developing the system at SSF, you have been asked to prepare a short report for the client. The report is to outline the purpose and benefits of Use Case Diagrams. Explain the main content points that you would include in your report.

b) (i) What are the pro’s and con’s of using Software development methods? You should try to think of at least 3 of each type.
(ii) Explain and illustrate the process of iteration within the RUP.

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Information Systems – Summer Sporting Footwear Company Case Study