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Enterprise Systems Development – An international clothes retailer, M&G, has its headquarters in London

An international clothes retailer, M&G, has its headquarters in London. It has shops in many countries all over the world. The stock for the shops is purchased by buyers who are based at headquarters. The retail year is divided into four seasons. At the start of each season a new set of stock is sent to each shop.
Garments (clothes items) are sourced from manufacturing units which are based in various countries. Garments are of various types (e.g. trousers, dress, shirt, skirt) and each garment type has various styles. Each garment style has an identification, a season-code (identifying the season of its introduction), a set of sizes and a set of colours. It also has a pattern and an approved manufacturing procedure...

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System and Connectivity – Star Taxis is a taxis firm based in Birmingham, specialising in airport transfers, for small and large parties

Star Taxis is a taxis firm based in Birmingham, specialising in airport transfers, for small and large parties. The company only takes bookings for jobs over the telephone, which must be logged at least 24 hours before the job is to take place. They wish to move away from this and encapsulate the digital age by providing their services online.
At present, the administrator takes details such as name, address of main contact, address for pick up and address of drop off, size of party, number of children, ages of children and date transfer. For children under 11 years, car seats are supplied. However, these must be stipulated during the booking, children will not be permitted to travel without car seats, at an additional cost. Nor can children under the age of 15 travel without an adult...

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Information Systems – Summer Sporting Footwear Company Case Study

Summer Sporting Footwear (SSF) is a small, independent Footwear manufacturer. They have built up their business selling products via mail order and through local shops. As a company, they intend to expand and believe that the next step is to develop an e-commerce sales portal.
SSF’s products consist of the following:
• Female Trainers
• Female Sandals/Flipflops
• Male Trainers
• Male Sandals
(All products are available in a variety of sizes and colours)
Male Shoes incorporate a print of the SSF logo. Female Trainers are available with or without the same SSF logo print; female Flip flops have the letters ‘SSF’ printed on and do not have the option of a printed logo.

Order Now - AllAssignmentHelp

Order Now – AllAssignmentHelp

Within the proposed website, customers will be allowed to browse through the prod...

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Advanced Programming – Need Programming Assignment Help

Question 1

a) Consider the following sequence of instructions in Java. In the table below, state what each and every variable contains before or after each statement is executed.

1. int j = 2;
2. int k = 5;
3. int m = 3 + 2 * 4;
4. double v = 1.0 / 2.0;
6. v = k / 2.0;
7. m = k / j;
8. k = k % m;
9. v = m + j;

b) In Object-oriented programming, what is the difference between a class and an object? Provide a real world example to support your answer.

c) Explain, with the aid of an example and a diagram, the difference between an object and an object variable.

d) In addition to a body of a method, there are three other parts to a method definition. Name each of these parts.

e) What general name is given to the method that initialises an object’s data members when an object is instan...

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Information Systems – OES LTD is a manufacturer and supplier of office equipment for business

Office Equipment Suppliers (OES)

OES LTD is a manufacturer and supplier of office equipment for business. Originally, a family owned business, is now employing over 100 employees with three owners: Joan Smith (Head of Accounts), Peter Saunders (Sales and Marketing) and Raj Kang (Warehousing and Manufacture), who all have an equal share. The business has been established since the 1960s and has a good reputation with its clientele. However, over the past few years the economic downturn has affected the business adversely.

Recently, OES had secured a major contract with Reus LTD who has 50 offices in the USA. OES have been tasked with the responsibility of supplying all office furniture...

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