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Interactive Pervasive Computing – TinyOS is an operating system for low-power wireless computing

1. An on-line retailer has recently bought a dozen Segways (personal motorised scooter-like devices) to help their staff move quickly about the warehouse when picking and packing items for each order. They want to track the Segways within the warehouse (e.g. to help optimise their use) and also warn the driver of imminent collisions with other Segways. Describe an RFID-based scheme for sensing the location of the Segways to within about 3 metres using no more than one RFID reader per Segway. The RFID readers have a range of about 50 cm. Your description should include:

(a) A clearly drawn diagram showing how each component of the technology is positioned or attached;
(b) How each component is used including the flow of information through the system to a central database and web-interface...

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Operating Systems and Security : Describe how an operating system kernel keeps track of the state

Question 1
a. Describe how an operating system kernel keeps track of the state of all processes, and give a list of the information required.
b. Identify the major services provided by an operating system. Explain how each provides convenience to the users. In which cases it would be impossible for user-level programs to provide these services.

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Question 2

a. An example of a UNIX file management system call is given below:
read(filedescriptor, buffer, nbytes)
Describe what it does.

b. Explain how an operating system allows files to be created with different permissions. What are their benefits to the UNIX program and to the users?

c. Describe the essential requirements of a file recovery function in an operating system.

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Question 3


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