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Enterprise Systems Development – An international clothes retailer, M&G, has its headquarters in London

An international clothes retailer, M&G, has its headquarters in London. It has shops in many countries all over the world. The stock for the shops is purchased by buyers who are based at headquarters. The retail year is divided into four seasons. At the start of each season a new set of stock is sent to each shop.
Garments (clothes items) are sourced from manufacturing units which are based in various countries. Garments are of various types (e.g. trousers, dress, shirt, skirt) and each garment type has various styles. Each garment style has an identification, a season-code (identifying the season of its introduction), a set of sizes and a set of colours. It also has a pattern and an approved manufacturing procedure...

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Software Systems Engineering – Draw a use case diagram for the Pound Store case study in Appendix A

The Pound Store Case Study
Pound Store, a mini-market selling every day essentials on budget prices, needs a new software based system to handle checkout (sales) and stock control. When a customer goes to a check-out with items the check-out operator uses the system to handle the sale. “Handle a sale” includes scanning and calculating the total cost of the items (by reference to the cost of the item stored on the system), debiting the stock level for each item, adding the sale to the sales ledger, and updating the cash that should now be in that particular till. If a customer has a discount card then a 5% is deducted from the bill. Note: the mini-market only accepts cash, not debit or credit cards.
When an operator takes over a check-out till they have to type in their ID, so that the...

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