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Enterprise Systems Development – An international clothes retailer, M&G, has its headquarters in London

An international clothes retailer, M&G, has its headquarters in London. It has shops in many countries all over the world. The stock for the shops is purchased by buyers who are based at headquarters. The retail year is divided into four seasons. At the start of each season a new set of stock is sent to each shop.
Garments (clothes items) are sourced from manufacturing units which are based in various countries. Garments are of various types (e.g. trousers, dress, shirt, skirt) and each garment type has various styles. Each garment style has an identification, a season-code (identifying the season of its introduction), a set of sizes and a set of colours. It also has a pattern and an approved manufacturing procedure...

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Interactive Pervasive Computing – TinyOS is an operating system for low-power wireless computing

1. An on-line retailer has recently bought a dozen Segways (personal motorised scooter-like devices) to help their staff move quickly about the warehouse when picking and packing items for each order. They want to track the Segways within the warehouse (e.g. to help optimise their use) and also warn the driver of imminent collisions with other Segways. Describe an RFID-based scheme for sensing the location of the Segways to within about 3 metres using no more than one RFID reader per Segway. The RFID readers have a range of about 50 cm. Your description should include:

(a) A clearly drawn diagram showing how each component of the technology is positioned or attached;
(b) How each component is used including the flow of information through the system to a central database and web-interface...

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Advanced Programming – Need Programming Assignment Help

Question 1

a) Consider the following sequence of instructions in Java. In the table below, state what each and every variable contains before or after each statement is executed.

1. int j = 2;
2. int k = 5;
3. int m = 3 + 2 * 4;
4. double v = 1.0 / 2.0;
6. v = k / 2.0;
7. m = k / j;
8. k = k % m;
9. v = m + j;

b) In Object-oriented programming, what is the difference between a class and an object? Provide a real world example to support your answer.

c) Explain, with the aid of an example and a diagram, the difference between an object and an object variable.

d) In addition to a body of a method, there are three other parts to a method definition. Name each of these parts.

e) What general name is given to the method that initialises an object’s data members when an object is instan...

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